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Over the years many photographs have been taken of Courageous and her crew. Many of these photographs are held by our Archivist, Pittk, who is a driving force behind the Courageous exhibit and its continued upkeep and improvement.

Pittk has recently sent me many of the photographs held by The Association archives and these are now available to you to view, here in the HMS Courageous Association web site.

The Association has in excess of 2000 photographs uploaded and available in its albums through this page You will find the link to a total of 16 albums further down the page.

For those visitors who have not served in submarines we hope that the photographs and the many informative images will give you an insight into the life of the men who served beneath the oceans to protect the country and ensure that peace was maintained.

There are included in the pictures photographs of the aircraft carrier HMS Courageous which was so sadly lost, with the loss of many lives, when she was torpedoed off Southern Ireland in 1939. You will find these historical pictures in Album No. 16

If you have any photographs which you would be willing to send to us we would welcome them and be happy to add them to our albums. You can send them to us by e-mail or post by clicking on the link below



Should you be happy to send original images to us they cab sent to the address shown below. Original photos will be scanned and returned, images sent on USB or other digital format will be copied and the storage medium returned. Please remember to enclose your postal address if you want the items returned. We look forward to receiving any images you may wish to send

When you go to our images you will see a total of 16 separate albums. Clicking on an album will open the images in thumbnail format. To view a picture click on the thumbnail and it will open in a larger format. From there you will be able to move backward and forward through the album viewing all pictures in that album. By clicking on a picture it will open in an even larger format and you can zoom in even further by clicking on that larger format. Click again and it will go back to the smaller size. I’m sure you will figure it out. Enjoy the photos




The images and information contained within this web site are the intellectual property of The HMS Courageous Association and may not be reproduced, copied or used for commercial gain without the prior permission of The Association. The images may be used for personal use