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The H.M.S. Courageous Association has over 200 members and that number is steadily increasing as time marches on. It is a tribute to the friendship among the crew that, even after as long as fifty years, many of those men are eager to seek out and meet up with old friends and crew mates. At the Association General Meeting held on the 12th November 2005 in Torquay, the rules of membership were decided.

They are as follows

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Available to any man who served on the ship or submarine as crew (no minimum period of service requirement), to include any person who was attached to the boat in an ancillary role such as ship’s manager. An annual subscription of 5-00 is payable


Available to the wife, partner, sibling or child of any person who served in the ship or submarine. Any person who has a strong association with the ship or submarine, for example, patron, builder. An annual subscription of 5-00 payable


Awarded by The Association to any person who it is felt has performed outstanding service to the ship or submarine, its crew, the Courageous Exhibit at Devonport or the members of the Association. No fee is payable for Honorary Membership


Awarded by The Association to widows or next of kin of those who served in the ship or submarine and who are now deceased. No membership fee is payable.


If you are eligible for membership under any of the categories shown and would like to apply to join The Association please follow the link below to our membership application. There are two ways to apply for and pay for membership. You can print and complete the membership form and send it, with the correct remittance, to our membership secretary, Steve Crowley, or you can pay online through Paypal, a secure server which allows payment by credit or debit card. Payments through this method are secure and use encryption technology to safeguard your card details. Alternatively, payment by direct debit saves The Association money as the administration costs are reduced and we would request that you consider this option by using the link below to open and complete a standing order mandate..

NB: If a prospective member is disabled, or receives benefits and the payment of a membership fee is likely to cause hardship we are happy to consider waiver of the membership fee. This will be a confidential waiver and decided solely by the membership secretary. If you feel that you may be entitled to free membership where a membership fee would normally be paid, please give us chance to consider the waiver. On your membership application simply attach a brief covering note detailing the reasons for the waiver.

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